Nederlands Studenten Orkest (NSO)

Unique in the World


Welcome to the website of the Dutch National Student Orchestra (NSO). Every year this orchestra is composed of students from all Dutch universities who are being selected by auditions. For these students, the NSO represents a unique chance of performing like a professional musician. In February they all quit studying their usual subjects, and instead they will rehearse for ten consecutive days to be able to, during the concerts, perform on a very high level.

The NSO is a guarantee for a lively and high-quality performance. Ever since its founding in 1952 the NSO has been supported by the Dutch royal family and various prominent Dutch classical artists like Janine Jansen, Theo Olof, Emmy Verhey and Liza Ferschtman.

After ten days of rehearsing, the program will subsequently be performed in all major Dutch concert halls, a tour which traditionally ends with a performance at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. After the concert tour in the Netherlands, the orchestra travels abroad to perform another concert.

In 2015, the NSO will go on his 63th tour with an amazing programme under the inspiring direction of conductor Quentin Clare. For this tour, the orchestra will perform works of Rachmaninov, and David Dramm. The complete programme will be announced soon:

The movie shown below shows the Dutch National Orchestra playing

Richard Strauss' 'Ein heldenleben' during their 2011 tour.

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